Accessories for the Girl Who Doesn’t Accessorize

by kristaskeen / 2 weeks ago

Hello again! Wow, it has been a while since I’ve written last, which I am terriblyyy sorry for. We’ve been working our tooshes off and it’s so easy to lose track of the time (even the days!). Along with fixing broken water pipes, trying to stay functioning through the semester, yada yada yada. I’m really starting to relate to those memes on Facebook about trying to juggle a personal life with working out, studying, and staying financially stable while not going insane (inserts upside-down smile face here). I’ll let you know when I get the hang of it.

In the meantime, I’m glad I got the opportunity to work with Justin at Justin Serna Photography. If you’re a fellow blogger/instagrammer (if that’s a word??) and have only shot photos by yourself or with a friend, I’d definitely recommend shooting with an experienced photographer. Especially Justin if you’re in the Tyler or Dallas area of Texas. He gave me great insight on a photographer’s eye and opened my mind to shoot at places I’d never really think to shoot before.

I’ve never really been huge into accessories. I’d pop on my simple pearl earrings and consider that my accessories for the day. From recently getting engaged, I’ve actually been curious to see how bracelets and watches pair with my ring. As you can see, a trend I’ve been obsessing over lately is the gold/rose gold palletes. It’s such a wonderful switch from the usual white gold. I wear this leather gold-plated H&M watch everywhere, and often get compliments and questions asking if it’s Michael Kors (I don’t accessorize enough to get an MK watch yet… also I’m kinda afraid I’ll lose it… I’ll get there). It goes great with almost anything in my closet, along with my small transport cross-body from Madewell.

I’ve also really got a thing for these boots from Aldo, I wear them everywhere. They’re literally the MOST comfortable heeled shoes I’ve ever owned. They are awesome for people like me who are still kind of a little shy about wearing heeled shoes. They’re not tall at all, just a beginners shoe to get used to while still looking modest.

Pairing these picks with cream and neutral colored tops like this one from H&M and light wash pants from Loft has been ideal for me. I’m trying my hardest to get out of my comfort zone which is the usual black top, blue jeans, and flats so slowly but surely I am getting there. As always, the products are also linked below!

Krista x


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