Cozy and Cute Sweaters Under $50

by kristaskeen / 1 month ago
Hey there! Hope you guys are having a great week. We’ve just been cleaning up decorations (VERY slowly) while binge watching The Office. It’s been so warm here in east Texas I didn’t even need a jacket yesterday. Living in Texas, sweaters and knitwear aren’t really a priority. The south’s winter qualifies as 50 degree weather and just pretending that we’re in the cold. This year, we actually had a winter in December! Although it’s only in the 20s, us Texans are a little over-dramatic when it comes to being cold. To our defense, it was 75 degrees one day and 20 below (and snowing!) the next. Typical Texas weather! Nobody was prepared for it (especially us) so we’ve had to just bundle up on our long-sleeve shirts until it feels like a regular sweater. We have literally been walking around without being able to bend our elbows, just so we can stay warm. Kind of pathetic, right?

I finally said enough is enough and invested in some cozy and cute sweaters that are budget-friendly. Most of these sweaters come in various colors, so the color viewed isn’t the only option available. They are also all under $50 and linked below! If you want fitted sweaters to pair with high rise jeans, option One and Two are the way to go. Three, Four, and Five are the loose-fitting and incredibly comfortable options. Which brings me to Seven and Eight are just your basic fitting sweaters for those days you just throw something on and head out the door (while still looking adorable). Six and Nine are great for a night out on the town, I’ve definitely got my eye on that off the shoulder sweater.
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  1. […] I started off by selecting some cozy turtle necks and stuck with neutral colors like black or grey that’s easy to pair with anything. I think my favorite top is the cream colored v-neck sweater, it’s very light-weight so if you’re down south like me, it’s perfect for mildly cold weather! Check out my post for cozy (and cute!) sweaters under $50. […]

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