My Birthday Weekend in Dallas!

by kristaskeen / 2 months ago

I honestly didn’t think turning 20 was that significant. We’ve been so busy running and going, I didn’t think we’d really have the time to do much (and was kinda bummed). The only thing I thought of was that it’s one year closer to the amazing 21! But as for this year, it’s just a tease to being able to publicly drink moscato. To my surprise, my amazing fiancé had a weekend of shopping and TONS of food planned and my favorite spots for my birthday!!

We first stopped at Madewell, where I snagged some adorable High-Rise Skinny Jeans and the Small Transport Bag I had been eyeing for a while. It’s great for casual wear that pairs with just about anything and it’s the perfect size for the essential lipstick, hairbrush, and wallet (plus a little more!). I paired it with some basics from H&M like this Turtleneck Top and Crop Jeans that are linked below.

The next day, we had brunch and Henry Majestic in Dallas, where Ross had some classic chicken and waffles with a mimosa (again, a tease!) and I had the stuffed brioche french toast that I ate waaaay too much of. What I really love about this place is that you can customize your own mimosa any way you like! The champagne is brought to the table and you head over to the bar to add orange juice along with any fruit you want. Definitely coming back next year!

I’m hoping next time we can hit some more big spots in Dallas. Just when I thought turning 20 wasn’t special, Ross made me think otherwise. Big thanks to my best friend ♥

Krista x


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