Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

by kristaskeen / 3 months ago


Nobody really understands how important taking care of your skin is until you get older, including me. In high school, I never really had any issues with blemishes or blackheads and could easily go to bed without washing my face if I was tired enough. I can’t even imagine doing that now! I’ve always had very oily skin with huge pores. Around starting college is when it really started to become noticeable. I was always having to excuse myself to go to the restroom and blot that stubborn oil from my face, then re-apply my makeup again. It effects my self-esteem as well as my confidence. I tried to stay away from photos and was constantly checking to see if I needed to powder my nose. After finally having enough of it, I’ve gotten into the groove of a skin care routine that definitely helps reduce the oil and pore size.

1. Water

Look, I know you’ve heard this a billion times but water intake has SO much to do with your skin! Since drinking more water throughout the day, I’ve noticed less breakouts and oil with more of a glow to my skin. It’s good to drink about eight 8 oz glasses of water a day. You’ll notice big differences!

2. Exuviance (morning and night)

This face wash is definitely the thing that changed the game for me. It makes your skin super soft, smooth, and reduces the appearance of blackheads and pores significantly. This is greaty for oily skin, it really does help reduce the oil a bit throughout the day. It has glycolic acid, which is really beneficial for the oily skin type since it helps to dry out the oil without making your skin too dry. YES, even if you have oily skin, you can still dry it out!

3. Argan oil (nightly)

You’re probably thinking “Um… we’re talking about oily skin and you want to add more oil?” Well, that’s actually not the case at all. Different oils can actually help oily skin tremendously, without making it too oily. Keeping your skin moisturized is still a priority because you can easily dry out your skin when dealing with an oily face. More often than not, your skin overproduces oil because of the fact that your skin is so dry, which makes it oilier than starting out. I take a very small pea-sized drop and smooth it over my face every night before bed.

4. RoC Retionol Cream (morning)

I apply this every morning before I apply any sort of makeup. Retinol is also known to help many people out with excessive oil, including myself. I only apply this once a day in a very small (pea-sized) amount, because it can very easily dry out your skin and cause rough patches that easily show through your makeup.

Here ya go. My usual skin routine that is still ever evolving. I really hope this helped some of you suffering from oily skin/acne. I’m still looking out for great tips and products so please let me know so I can add them to this post and try them myself! Also, let me know if any of these helped for you.

Krista xx


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